Modern Recruitment Methods and investment in the best video interview tech

21st Century Recruitment

Modern recruitment utilising the latest technology to ensure Quality, Value & Service is guaranteed

Modern Methods of Recruitment

Over the 25 years since our establishment, we have tested so many methods of recruitment and hiring technologies. We have come to the conclusion that the best, most effective methods of recruitment combine both traditional and modern.

With our client and candidate experiences always at the forefront of our mind, we have invested heavily, but wisely, in technologies that will enhance the recruitment process and make it as effortless and rewarding as it can be.

Traditional Values, Modern Recruitment

Quality, Value and Service are, and always have been, our core values. This will never change. What has changed since Select began is the technology.

Almost every industry on the planet has been accelerated, enhanced and improved by technology that has advanced in leaps and bounds. Recruitment is no different, but in a marketplace saturated by new tech, we have been very careful to invest in the right ones that help make our core values a reality for our clients and candidates.

If you would like to know more about our modern approach to recruitment please get in touch with your local office. Or to have a look at the levels of service we can offer you with the below technologies, click here.



Our tried and tested process is simple and straightforward, and would typically work like this.

Select Us
Step 1

Select Us

The first step is to appoint our services! We’ll develop a deep understanding of your business and find job seekers who not only have the right skills for the job, but are also a great fit for your organisation’s culture.

Recommend the Best
Step 2


Your time is valuable, and you don’t want to be inundated with unsuitable candidates. Our consultants are highly trained in matching job seekers to your requirements.

Interviews and Selection
Step 3


We are able to save you time even further, organising interviews and making all the arrangements on your behalf. We have also invested in the best video interview technologies, which is proven to increase the interview to hire ratio to over 70%. We’ll even handle all of the follow-up with both successful and unsuccessful candidates.

The Select Health Check
Step 4


Our service doesn’t end there. Our commitment to ensure you are completely satisfied with the service we’ve provided means that we check-in regularly to make sure that your new team member is settling in nicely.