Temp's toolkit

As a temporary worker, you will be employed under a Contract for Services allowing you all the benefits associated with being a temporary worker, together with the protection of worker legislation included in the Working Time Regulations (WTR) and Agency Workers Directive (AWR). To get you up to speed with everything you need to know about a temporary work assignment, we have compiled this toolkit for you.

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Temporary workers toolkit
Make a checklist for planning your next role

Planning your next role

They say moving house is the most stressful thing you can do, but changing job can be just as demanding. So, planning out exactly what you want from your next role and in fact your future career is very important. We have put together some questions that will help you figure out what your next move is.

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What you have to offer

After you have figured out what you want from your career, it's time to think about what you bring to the table. What makes you stand out in a crowd. You might think you know all your strengths and weaknesses, but taking the time to think about it in depth, will prepare you for any questions we or a future employer might ask.

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Figure out what makes you stand out from the crowd
Advice on writing your CV

Writing Your CV

One of the biggest steps to overcome in your journey to a new job - better get it right! There are a lot of myths surrounding the 'perfect CV', but after 40 years in the recruitment industry we have seen our fair share of CVs and can help you make yours perfect for you, because no two CVs should be the same. Here are our top-level pieces of advice, but for a more personal evaluation of your CV, please get in touch.

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Interview Hints and Tips

First impressions count. Especially where interviews are concerned, so here is a handy checklist to take a look at before your interview, so you can feel as relaxed and prepared as possible.

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How to succeed at interview
Video and phone interview hints and tips

Video and phone interview hints and tips

The modern interview process has changed significantly and you may be asked to complete a phone or video interview prior to or instead of a face-to-face interview. Whilst almost all our advice for 'normal' interviews still applies, we have extra advice that will help you ace that first impression over the phone or video.

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