Are you a parent fitting work around childcare commitments? Are you wanting a little extra work to compliment your existing income? Do you simply like the freedom that flexible hours give you? Whatever your situation, if you are looking for a more flexible working arrangement temporary work can be the answer. Temporary assignments can range from a few hours to several months and at Select, we register hundreds of temporary assignments every week across a wide range of industry sectors.

As a temporary worker, you will be employed under a Contract for Services allowing you all the benefits associated with being a temporary worker, together with the protection of worker legislation included in the Working Time Regulations (WTR) and the Agency Workers Directive (AWR).

How temporary assignments work

Once a suitable assignment has been found for you, your consultant will provide you with all the information you require. Additionally, they will confirm the following information in writing to you:

  • The reason for the assignment – this could be to cover a vacancy, cover holiday, complete a project or it could be to assist at peak workload times.

  • Where you’ll be working – your recruitment consultant will tell you exactly where you will be working, how to get there and to whom and where you need to report.

  • What the job involves – we always get as much detail as we can from the employer so that there are no surprises, and your consultant will have visited the company in order to give you real insight into how they work.

  • What hours you’ll be working – your consultant will have agreed the hours required directly with the company and will confirm these with you. If your line manager asks you to change these hours please DO NOT AGREE, but notify your consultant who will speak on your behalf.

  • Pay rate – we will have agreed your pay rate with the company, including any overtime rates if applicable.

  • Job title

  • Start date

As a temporary worker you should also be aware of a few things, including:

Remember: your Select consultant is always there to answer any questions for you. Get in touch.

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