Our online timesheet portal

So that we can pay you accurately and on time you will be given access to our Online Timesheet Portal. Each week you will record your hours worked on this portal and submit your hours for authorisation.

Hours are rounded to the nearest quarter and when completing your timesheet you must make sure you deduct any unpaid breaks from your total. Once your timesheet has been completed your manager/supervisor will receive notification to confirm the hours you have worked.

Your timesheet must be completed and authorised for processing no later than 10.00am on the Monday following the week you have worked.

How you are paid

You will be paid the hourly rate as agreed with your consultant before each assignment which is subject to deductions for National Insurance, PAYE and any other purpose required by law.

Payment will be made automatically into your bank or building society account on a weekly basis no later than 6.00pm on a Friday following the week you have worked. As part of your full registration process with Select you will be asked to add your bank details onto your own password protected individual candidate portal.

Termination of your assignment

Working as a temporary worker gives you flexibility, in as much as you do not need to offer notice if you wish to finish the assignment, and nor does the company you are working for. The continuation or termination of an assignment is subject to the needs of the employer, so at any point the assignment can cease without notice. Your Select consultant however, will try to obtain a weeks’ notice of termination where possible and likewise, would ask that you would provide the same too.

If you do not attend work and contact your Select consultant to advise why, this will be seen as a termination of your assignment, so it is essential you contact your Select consultant in advance of not being able to attend work.

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