Select Recruitment Specialists Ltd recognises that modern slavery and human trafficking could be potential risks to our business. We are committed to working with all organisations that take the issue as seriously as we do and who share our goal to reduce and eliminate this threat in the UK. Integrity is one of our core values. We have strict policies and procedures in place to ensure the consistent monitoring of our workforce for the signs of human trafficking and labour exploitation. These checks are paramount to allowing us to investigate and identify exploitation at the earliest possible stage.

From the moment a potential temp worker chooses to work through Select Recruitment Specialists Ltd the checks begin. These continue throughout the temps time with us. At the time of registration, the identification and ‘right to work’ checks are conducted. This ensures that the worker has control of their own documentation and that their job expectations are managed effectively. All interviews are completed face-to-face with the individual to make sure that they have freely chosen to attend. In addition, throughout the registration and interview process, all application forms are checked and verified as being the applicant’s own information. We also ask where they found out about Select Recruitment Specialists Ltd and the role.

Temp’s education begins at the induction stage, giving an insight into Modern Slavery. It explains why it is illegal in the UK and what the worker should do if they suspect it is happening to a colleague or they are a victim themselves.

During their employment, regular checks are conducted on temps’ welfare in the form of surveys, temp interviews and site audits. We conduct background checks on all workers’ details through our central IT system from our operating offices.

We are totally committed to Compliance and Ethical Standards and strive to operate best practices at all times. Everyone in the Company is introduced to our company compliance standards and operating procedures at the start of their employment. Everyone is given the tools to identify the indicators of human trafficking and forced labour, and the reporting channels are very clear for any points of concern. As soon as an exploitation issue arises, it is urgently flagged to the appropriate authorities to investigate with the full co-operation of Select Recruitment Specialists Ltd supporting throughout the case.

We are confident that we have the right checks in place to minimise the risk of human trafficking and labour exploitation taking place within our supply chain. However, should our business be infiltrated, we are able to react quickly and efficiently to resolve every case, every time. This response is due to the knowledge and experience held within the Compliance team, the awareness levels of the wider team members, and the relationships we hold with the relevant government authorities.

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