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several pre-fabricated panels ready to be put together to make a building
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Is Modular Construction the Future? High Demand for Skilled Tradespeople in the Booming Sector

  • Publish Date: Posted about 1 month ago
  • Author:by Kelly Raynsford

Modular construction, a method where large sections of a building are prefabricated off-site then assembled on location, is reshaping the UK construction industry. This exciting shift creates new opportunities for skilled tradespeople and offers companies significant advantages. In my 8+ years as a Construction Recruitment Consultant, few trends have emerged as quickly and disruptively as modular construction.

If you're exploring construction jobs, the rise of modular construction demands your attention. Select Recruitment Specialists are here to guide you through this dynamic landscape.

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What is Modular Construction and Why is it Trending?

Modular construction, also known as off-site or prefabricated construction, is a building technique where sections of a structure are manufactured in a factory setting and then transported to the job site for assembly. This innovative approach to construction is rapidly gaining traction due to its many benefits over traditional building methods.

Benefits Driving the Boom:

  • Speed: Modular buildings can be completed up to 50% faster than traditional builds.

  • Sustainability: Modular construction offers superior efficiency, leading to reduced material waste (up to 90% less!) and lower environmental impact.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Controlled environments and streamlined processes often keep costs lower.

A construction worker installing a modular piece of a wall on to the frame of the building with the assistance of a crane

The Modular Construction Industry - Statistics and Outlook

With benefits like these, it's unsurprising that the global modular construction market is expected to grow exponentially, reaching $120.4 billion by 2027. Here in the UK, output is anticipated to increase by an incredible 400% from 2022 to 2025.

The rising demand for greener housing and construction practices aligns perfectly with modular methods. Government initiatives to reduce carbon emissions and the public's growing focus on sustainability are driving this sector's growth. Modular construction's reduced waste, greater efficiency, and potential for incorporating eco-friendly materials offer significant advantages in meeting these green construction targets.

While the commercial modular construction sector (like office blocks and hotels) is already well-established, we're now seeing huge growth in residential modular builds too as home builders recognise the advantages. In fact, a number of major modular construction companies are setting up factories across Norfolk and the wider East Anglia region to meet this rising demand.

The Rise of Modular Construction Jobs: Opportunities for Skilled Workers

Modular construction isn't replacing traditional trades – it's transforming and augmenting them. Here's where the demand lies:

  • Familiar Faces: Electricians, carpenters, plumbers – these roles remain essential for finishing and connecting modular units on-site.

  • Emerging Specialists: Modular fitters, factory-based technicians, and quality control experts are vital to the manufacturing side of this process.

  • Transferable Skills: Many skills in traditional construction can seamlessly translate to modular methods. Don't underestimate your existing capabilities!

An added benefit of modular construction is that its manufacturing side creates new job opportunities in fabrication, quality control, and logistics. This presents an excellent opportunity for individuals with transferable skills from other sectors to transition into the construction industry.

rows of modular sections of buildings in a storage area

Finding Your Next Modular Construction Project: Tips for Job Seekers

With many traditional roles easily able to transfer over to the modular sector, if you have skills in roles like Project Manager, Structural Engineer, or Quantity Surveyor, there are many opportunities available if you are looking to move in to this lucrative and rapidly growing area of construction.

  • Know Your Value: Select Recruitment Specialists can help you identify relevant modular construction companies and showcase your experience.

  • Tailor Your Approach: Update your CV highlighting any work in pre-fab or off-site construction, showcasing your adaptability.

  • Network Strategically: Tap into the modular building community. Attend industry events or connect on relevant online platforms.

Construction Companies: Tap into the Growing Modular Talent Pool

From the other perspective, if you're a construction firm looking to move into or expand your modular construction operations, attracting workers with the necessary skills can be challenging in today's competitive market.

Here's how to attract the best candidates for your modular projects:

  • Highlight the Tech: Emphasise the innovative nature of your work. Workers are keen to embrace cutting-edge techniques.

  • Competitive Benefits: Modular construction skills are prized. Show you are committed to attracting top talent.

  • Partner with Specialists: Agencies like Select Recruitment Specialists have an in-depth understanding of this niche market, saving you time and resources.

Partner with Select Recruitment Specialists for Your Modular Construction Hiring Needs

Staying ahead in this dynamic field means finding the right talent quickly. As the adoption of modular construction continues to accelerate across the UK, the demand for skilled workers in this innovative building approach will only intensify. Stay ahead of the curve by making use of the expertise of Select Recruitment Specialists to navigate the evolving landscape of modular construction jobs and talent acquisition.

Get in touch today to discover how to build your dream team.

Looking for modular and off-site construction jobs? Upload your CV and our team of expert construction recruitment specialists will be in touch to help you make your next move.

Let's shape the future of construction together!


Kelly Raynsford- Business Manager, Construction

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