Jobs in Hospitality

The hospitality industry is all about making people happy; delicious food, wonderful venues, creative drinks, comfortable night’s sleep and events that get everyone talking. Working in the hospitality industry is a wonderful opportunity to make people smile, whether you are a barista making someone’s first coffee of the day, a chef making a celebratory meal for a couple’s anniversary or a porter who keeps everything functioning like clockwork.

If you think a career in hospitality is for you, then here are some of our most popular jobs in hospitality.

Hospitality Staff Recruitment



Chef roles come in all shapes and sizes, including Executive Chefs, Head Chefs, Sous Chefs, Chef de Parties, Commis Chefs, Pastry Chefs. Every chef job holds a very special and unique role in the professional kitchen.

To keep up with service and ensure all diners get their food on time, piping hot and in the right order every professional kitchen must run like clockwork. That is why there is a strict hierarchy in every kitchen, ran by the Executive or Head Chef. You can read more about hierarchies in the kitchen here.

Chefs do not necessarily need any formal degree training, however it is prudent if you want to make a head start in the industry to do an NVQ or BTEC. Some employers will help you achieve certification whilst on the job.


Also known as: Cleaner

Depending on the establishment you will be cleaning all sorts of spaces and surfaces from hospitals, to restaurants and hotels. Part time and full-time roles are available for cleaners, which means that cleaning jobs are great if you are looking for a bit more flexibility. In larger establishments you can usually find opportunities to progress into supervisory or management capacities.

No previous experience is usually necessary for a cleaning role.

Restaurant Manager

Also known as: Bar Manager

As the job title suggests a restaurant manager will oversee the whole operation from ensuring food safety guidelines are kept to ordering stock and monitoring revenue.

Restaurant/Bar Managers usually have previous experience in other hospitality roles. They will be able to exhibit that they are commercially minded and highly organised individuals.


Also known as: Front Desk Executive, Information Desk Clerk, Concierge

Usually the first friendly face a visitor sees as they walk through the front door, Receptionists have to be socially comfortable face-to-face and, on the phone. The role of the Receptionist also encompasses certain administration tasks like creating bookings, record keeping, filing, registrations, sorting mail and handling money.

You do not need any formal qualifications to become a receptionist, but many employers will require you to have good English and Maths skills.


Also known as: Kitchen Porter, Hospital Porter

Kitchen Porters and Hospital Porters are two very different roles. As a Kitchen Porter your responsibility will be to ensure that the kitchen is spic and span, washing dishes and moving clean and dirty implements to their correct location.

On the other hand, a Hospital Porter moves people and clinical items around site and sometimes between sites. The ability to stay calm in any situation is a must and good communication skills to liaise with both staff and patients is necessary.

You do not require any formal qualifications to become a porter. No matter what industry you are working in, Portering is a physically demanding occupation, so you must be relatively fit.

Waiting Staff

Also known as: Waitress/Waiter, Server, Stewardess/Steward

Jobs for waiting staff are always available, whether it is for a specific event, a temporary seasonal role or full-time opportunities. Working shifts over mealtimes means that often you either start early or finish late, but the opportunity to bolster your pay with tips is often worth it.

Silver service experience is sometimes a requirement. Silver service is a technique that uses forks and spoons to serve food from a larger dish to a seated guest from their left-hand side.

Whatever your talents, the hospitality industry has a lot to offer anyone. If any of these roles or the industry itself has caught your eye, please get in touch with your local Select office.