Jonathan Taylor

Divisional ManagerSpecialising in Hospitality

After spending 19 years working at all levels in the hospitality sector, Jonathan made the transition into the recruitment industry and joined Select. He has since been working with a range of high profile clients on a number of different roles, whilst managing our Permanent Hospitality Recruitment desk. Jonathan is known in the industry for his no-nonsense, honest approach to recruitment and is the favoured recruiter for many prestigious businesses because of this.

Jonathan's passion for food and drink doesn't end at the office, he is a Gin aficionado with a collection of over 60 different types at home and he is often found trying out the different eateries in and around Cambridge. 

To contact Jonathan call: ​01223 931020

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Chef de Partie
Norfolk£30000 - £33000 per annum, Benefits: Staff Accommodation Available

Are you passionate about creating mouth-watering dishes using fresh ingredients? Do you thrive in a dynamic kitchen environment where your creativity can shine through? Could you see yourself as a ...

Assistant Front of House Manager
Oxford£30000 - £32000 per annum, Benefits: 40 hour week

Are You Ready to Elevate Your Career in Hospitality Management at a Prestigious College? Do you thrive in a dynamic, service-driven environment? Are you seeking a leadership role where your contrib...

Sous Chef
Brighton£34000 - £36000 per annum

Are You Ready to Elevate Your Culinary Career by the Seaside? Do you have a fervent passion for culinary arts? Are you ready to take on a key leadership role in a brand-new, prestigious seaside hot...

Chef de partie
Oxford£29000 - £31000 per annum, Benefits: 33 days holiday, excellent contributory pension

Are you passionate about culinary arts and ready to elevate your career to new heights? Does the idea of crafting exceptional meals in a prestigious educational setting excite you? If so, my client...

Catering and Hospitality manager
Oxford£38000 - £420000 per annum, Benefits: 38 days holiday, Health insurance, 37.5 hour contract

Are You the Dynamic Leader Our Premier Catering Team Needs? Do you thrive in managing a high-energy, versatile catering operation? Are you passionate about delivering top-tier dining experiences us...

Front of House Receptionist
Oxford£25000 - £26000 per annum, Benefits: 38 days holiday, generous pension

Are you passionate about security and hospitality? Can you create a safe, welcoming environment for both members and visitors of a prestigious education institution? If you’re nodding your head, wh...

Sous Chef
Gloucester£32000 - £36000 per annum

Are you driven by the art of fine dining and seeking a role where your culinary skills are pivotal to delivering top-tier event experiences? Do you excel in a team-oriented environment, working und...

Sous chef
Taunton£32000 - £36000 per annum

Are you passionate about crafting exceptional culinary experiences at high-profile events? Do you thrive in a collaborative team setting under the guidance of a top-tier Head Chef? If so, consider ...

Sous chef
Warwickshire£32000 - £36000 per annum

Are you a culinary artist eager to elevate the fine dining experience at prestigious events? Does the idea of working closely with a renowned Head Chef in a vibrant team excite you? If you’re noddi...

Junior Sous Chef
Oxford£30000 - £37000 per annum, Benefits: 38 Days holiday, Paid Overtime, 36 hours a week

Are you passionate about culinary arts? Do you thrive in creative and dynamic environments where excellence in food preparation is the norm? If the answer is 'yes', why not join our client's presti...

Cafe Manager
Cambridge£30000 - £34000 per annum, Benefits: Day Time Hours only

Are you passionate about leading a vibrant team in a historical setting? Ready to step into a role where you can shape service standards at a celebrated local institution? Does the idea of managing...

Till and Customer Service Manager
Gloucester£27000 - £29000 per annum

Are You Driven by Exceptional Customer Service and Keen Analytical Skills? We are on the lookout for a Till and Customer Service Manager who thrives in enhancing customer satisfaction and excels in...

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