Types of Sales and Call Centre Jobs

There are a number of stereotypes surrounding the profession of sales. At Select, our Recruitment Consultants bust these myths every day. We are not pushy; we are trustworthy, and we always listen to our clients and our candidates.

Almost every industry in the world is represented by salespeople in one role or another. Scroll down to see some of the avenues that are open to you as a sales professional.

Sales Executives

AKA internal sales, field sales, sales advisors

Sales Executives are the first point of contact for a company’s clients. Their primary objectives are to answer queries, upsell existing clients and bring on new ones.

Positions of this type are incredibly varied, they can be based in the office, in the field, or remotely. Dealing with international sales or home-based clients. As you prove yourself and beat targets the financial rewards can be great.

Account Managers

AKA Customer Services, Client Experience, Customer Success

Account Managers take over the care of a client project after they have signed on the dotted line. Account managers are responsible for maintaining relationships with key clients and upselling where possible.

New Business Development

For example: Fundraisers, Bus Dev Managers, Consultants

Business development (BD) is a discipline that means something different to everyone you speak to. Put simply, business development is the progression of strategic decisions that encourage the growth of a business. For example, if a business launches a new product with a new target audience, it is the job of the business development team to decide how best to enter those markets and reach the new target audience. BD is responsible for getting new business on board and securing new streams of revenue.

Call Centre

AKA Call logging agent, Market Researcher, telemarketing/telesales

If you love a job with a bit of hustle and bustle this could be for you. Working as a telemarketer you will be tasked with either receiving or making calls from/to both new and existing customers.  These roles are typically inbound or outbound customer service; inbound referring to answering calls and outbound proactively making calls.


For example: Estates agents, insurance, financial services, recruiters

Brokers are intermediaries, negotiating the deals between buyers and sellers. Negotiating/arranging an agreement is a tricky business with lots of toing and froing, but the rewards can be really great. Not only can the commission structure offer your monetary benefits, you often get the chance to make someone’s dream come true or make their customer experience painless.

Sales Management

For example: Commercial Director, Sales Manager, Head of Sales

The brains behind the sales strategy of a business. These roles are at the top of the sales organisational chart, often earning good wages with healthy bonus schemes. 


Sales and marketing go hand-in-hand, but due to advances in technology over the past 30 years, these two disciplines have drifted apart and completely different skills are required for each. Therefore, if you would like to learn more about marketing recruitment, please take a look here.

If you think sales sounds like you, or you need a little extra oomph in your selling department, get in touch with us. At Select Appointments we are experts in sales and call centre recruitment, with a specialist division of consultants who focus on these industries across the country. What are you waiting for? Your local Select team are waiting to hear from you.