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Financial Services in the UK

According to a 2019 paper published by the House of Commons Library, the Financial Services industry contributed £132 billion (6.9% of total economic output) to the UK economy in 2018. The scale and scope of the industry is such that it accounts for 1.1 million jobs – 3.1% of all jobs in the UK.

With such a vast reliance on trustworthy finance services in all aspects of money management, it is imperative that financial services professionals are well trained, knowledgeable and reliable. Finding such individuals can be difficult, likewise finding businesses offering the right package can be a minefield. This is where we come in.

We can help find the specialist financial services staff, from paraplanners to wealth managers and auditors to join your team. Alternatively, we can also help any specialist finance professional begin the next step in their career. No matter your predicament, we can offer a service that is exemplary.

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