Catarina Ribeiradio

Recruitment SpecialistSpecialising in Hospitality

​As a Portuguese-born, music and literature enthusiast, Catarina has joined Select Recruitment Specialists, a firm rooted in 40 years of high-quality, personal recruitment in Cambridge. Leveraging her background in hospitality, she's your friendly and diligent specialist for temporary roles, committed to delivering tailored recruitment solutions.

We seamlessly blend traditional values with modern, cutting-edge recruitment technologies to provide an unrivalled service. With dedication and a drive for success, her goal is to exceed your expectations, making Select Recruitment the most suitable choice for your recruitment needs.

​To contact Catarina call: 01223 978066

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Chef de Partie
Cambridge£27181 per annum

Looking to take your cooking skills to the next level? Want a job that respects your talent and lets you shine in the kitchen? My client has an opening for a Chef de Partie, and this could be the c...

Pastry Chef
Cambridge£18 per hour

Love making tasty treats? Want to be part of a fun team in Cambridge? If yes, my client has just the job for you as a Pastry Chef. In this exciting job, you'll be making amazing pastries that make ...

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