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The Ripple Effects of Major Events on the Hospitality Sector: A Look Back at Eurovision 2023 Liverpool

  • Publish Date: Posted about 1 year ago

The exhilarating whirl of major events has long had a profound impact on the hospitality sector. One such event that recently showcased this dynamism was Eurovision 2023, which took place in Liverpool. As we reflect on the grandeur of this occasion, we gain insights into the effects such an event can have on the local economy, tourism numbers, and more, thus providing valuable takeaways for jobseekers in the hospitality industry.

Eurovision 2023 indeed left an indelible mark on Liverpool, the 'World Capital of Pop', a city that has a longstanding reputation for hosting big events. With its strong transport links and a rich history of major event management, Liverpool was the ideal city to host this renowned event. The fact that Liverpool saw off Glasgow to win the hosting rights testifies to its excellent infrastructure and readiness.

Conservative projections suggested that Eurovision 2023 would make a direct economic impact of between £15-£30 million on Liverpool's local economy. True to expectations, the city experienced a significant boost in visitor spending, with an estimated £40 million pouring into the local economy. This figure included spending on hotels, accommodation, and entertainment, aspects vital to the hospitality sector. The event also garnered a publicity value in the region of £100 million, demonstrating the extensive reach of such events and their capacity to significantly uplift local businesses.

One of the critical aspects of the hospitality sector is its direct correlation with tourism numbers. Eurovision 2023 indeed amplified Liverpool's tourism appeal, with a multi-year impact projected to boost tourism numbers by 5 - 15%. The city anticipated 100,000 additional visitors, and these numbers translate into enormous opportunities for those employed in the hospitality sector, from hoteliers to restaurateurs and beyond.

The skyline of Liverpool from above

In an extraordinary act of solidarity and a unique display of social justice, Liverpool also showcased a flashmob singing along to the Beatles’ ‘With a Little Help from My Friends’. This historic event further underlined the city’s status as the world capital of pop and provided a unique entertainment opportunity for the thousands visiting the city.

May 2023 was indeed a historic month for Liverpool and the wider British public. Eurovision coincided with King Charles's coronation and a string of bank holidays. According to UK Hospitality, these events together created a potential £1 billion boost for the sector. This demonstrates the sheer scale of opportunity big events can bring to the hospitality industry and underscores the importance of preparing for such events.

For jobseekers, it's essential to recognise the tremendous opportunities that big events like Eurovision can bring to the hospitality sector. Such occasions significantly increase the demand for hospitality services, driving job creation and improving the overall health of the industry. If you're looking to capitalise on this trend and seek a change in your working situation, our team is here to guide you and help unlock the potential that awaits.

These events underscore the vibrancy and resilience of the hospitality sector, proving once again its pivotal role in our economy and society. With the right preparation and anticipation, those involved in the hospitality sector can navigate and harness the waves of change brought by major events, making the most of the golden opportunities they present.

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