How Important is Employee Training?

“The only thing worse than training people and having them leave is not training people and having them stay.” – Zig Ziglar

“Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.” – Richard Branson


We could bore you all day with quotes from famous business men and women about the importance of offering training for your staff, but instead we are going to provide you with 5 reasons why it is of the utmost importance to set aside some budget for skills-based training.

Whether you are trying to convince your boss to invest in some training or you are wondering whether training is the way forward for your team, this blog will give you the arguments you need to convince your boss or yourself.

Training is crucial for the development of any business

Uneducated Employees are Demotivated Employees

Individuals who feel lost, confused or directionless for prolonged periods of time will become demotivated and won’t be productive. One person who feels demotivated in an office environment can quickly spread their lack of productivity by distracting others or bringing down the mood.

Proper training by a knowledgeable person, whether it is in house or external training, can make all the difference to someone who is feeling powerless.

Investment Equals valued. Valued Equals loyalty

If you are willing to invest in the personal and professional development of your team, this has a positive knock-on effect. It shows your employees that they are valued members of the team and if your employees feel valued they are more likely to stay.

Addressing Weaknesses and Decreasing Supervision

Training will enable you to continue incorporating new skills into your team. Once your team have all the necessary skills, this means that you can supervise them less, trust them to get on with their work and free yourself up to focus on other priorities.

Avoid Losing Customers

The better and more knowledgeable the service that your employees can provide, the happier your customers will be. Training provision will not only make your employees better at their job, but it will make them feel important and they will pass this value and enthusiasm on to your customers.

Gives You the Competitive Edge

Currently, competition for skilled staff is extremely high, especially for businesses in the IT, Engineering, Healthcare and Hospitality sectors. Having a development program for your staff will be a selling point for many potential employees and will make you stand out in the crowd when trying to hire the best staff.

At Select Appointments we have developed a bespoke training course called the Select Academy that all consultants, new or experienced partake in. Our drive and level of understanding is a major benefit that all our candidates and clients experience when they work with us. If you are looking to hire or are looking for a new role, one of our teams will be able to help, please get in touch with your local office to find out more.

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