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With the constant expansion of available marketing technologies, roles requiring specific skills are appearing rapidly. It is our job at Select to make sure that both our clients and candidates are on the same page and anyone put forward for a role is a good match in terms of skills, experience and culture fit.

Marketing and Communications tools.

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Marketing Strategy

The four P’s of marketing: Product, Price, Place and Promotion form the basis of most strategic plans. More recently, this has been superseded by the four C’s: Customer/Consumer Value, Cost, Convenience and Communication.

Heads of Marketing, Marketing Managers, Marketing Directors and Senior Specialists oversee the running of the department, from budget management to strategy and deadlines. With so many avenues to divert budget spend towards, strategising can be an arduous task. It involves a close examination of past performance and target audience data to identify where budget and time allocation is best invested.

Digital Marketing

As with many industries, the growth of technology has increased the scope of marketing far beyond the original sphere and has led to the rise of Digital Marketing. Digital marketing covers all online activity, including Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing (SMM), Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Instant Messaging, Radio and Television Advertising.

Due to the fact that Digital Marketing incorporates so many facets of marketing as a whole it has become a part of every marketer’s daily activities. By 2023, it is estimated that revenue from internet advertisements in the UK will reach £20.6bn – that’s an impressive 9.1% compound annual growth rate!


Communication marketing is, quite literally what it says on the tin. It is the practice of using a variety of channels to communicate a message or influence a buying behaviour in a target audience. PR, internal comms, outreach and content are all fall under the communications umbrella.


A company’s brand is intrinsically linked to their reputation and identity. The importance of brand as an asset is such that it forms the basis of all marketing actions, from designing a business card to the tone of voice used on a blog. A company can be made or destroyed by the perceived value of their brand; this is why, some companies have an employee or team that solely manages the brand presence.


Sales and marketing are often grouped together as they share a common goal of increasing conversions and influencing buying habits. However, these disciplines are vastly different. If you want to learn more about sales, please click here.

Whatever your marketing experience or aspirations, we have a dedicated team of marketing recruiters who are here to help you make the next step in your career. Please get in touch with your local office to learn more or take a look at our current marketing vacancies.