Fanni Ritz

Recruitment SpecialistSpecialising in Hospitality

With a diversified career in hospitality that's taken her from Greece to Hungary and finally to the UK in 2017, Fanni is poised to bring a unique perspective to hospitality recruitment at Select Recruitment Specialists. Her nearly decade-long experience has honed her skills in understanding both clients and candidates, making her an asset to a team committed to quality, value, and service.

Outside of the professional sphere, Fanni enjoys enriching experiences that broaden her understanding of people and cultures. She's eager to be part of a legacy that blends traditional values with modern recruitment technologies, consistently aiming to exceed expectations.

​To contact Fanni call: 01603 615511

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Housekeeping Supervisor
Cambridge£25000 per annum

Exciting Opportunity: Housekeeping Supervisor at a Renowned Cambridge College   Are you passionate about leading a team to excellence in a vibrant and historic setting? Do you pride yourself on mai...

General Chef
Cambridge£13 - £15 per hour

Great Job for a Chef Who Loves to Cook and Keep Things Clean Do you like making tasty food and keeping everything clean and safe? If you're good at cooking, have a Chef qualification (NVQ), and a c...

Cambridge£11.50 - £12 per hour, Benefits: Weekly Pay, Accrued Holiday, Full Time Work

Do you excel at cleaning and tidying? Want steady work in central Cambridge? My client has the ideal role for you, focusing primarily on cleaning tasks! In this role, you'll be responsible for maki...

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