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Embracing the Green Transition: The Unprecedented Demand for Green Engineering Jobs in the UK

  • Publish Date: Posted 11 months ago

The UK is increasingly steering its course towards becoming a net zero economy. With this dynamic shift, a fascinating revelation has emerged — the surging demand for engineers in the green jobs sector. According to a new report by Lightcast, commissioned by EngineeringUK, engineering roles have witnessed a demand growth of over 55% within the past five years. This trend, particularly in relation to 'green engineering', marks a promising step towards sustainability and, importantly, signifies the progressive alignment of business, policy, and government objectives towards mitigating climate change.

In 2021 alone, engineering jobs, spanning tech roles in sectors like transport, construction, and manufacturing, made up a staggering 19% of all UK jobs. This equates to approximately 6.1 million opportunities — a clear indicator of the prevailing skills shortage in engineering, and the potent growth potential within the industry. Engineering's central role in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and broader environmental solutions makes this demand an urgent priority for the UK's net zero ambitions.

What's more, this explosion in demand for engineering roles has seen a corresponding increase in job advertisements citing 'green skills'. The last year saw a surge of 48% in such listings, reaching a total of 212,000 jobs postings. The inclusion of 'green' roles across a spectrum of sectors, including civil, electrical, ICT, and software engineering, reinforces the significance of these skills in driving economic growth and sustainability.

A man in a high-vis jacket looking at engineering plans in a forest

However, the transition towards a green economy doesn't merely present a demand for new skills, but also offers attractive remuneration. The average advertised salary in engineering currently stands at £38,600 — nearly 30% higher than the average salary across all occupations.

With this undeniable growth and demand, it is crucial to ensure the UK has a robust plan for workforce training and skill development. This includes nurturing young talent from diverse backgrounds and upskilling the existing workforce in areas such as waste management, water management, and agriculture, among others. By doing so, we can fortify the UK’s transition to a green economy while also addressing climate change.

Further research and exploration into this growth trend is on the horizon. However, the current indications are clear: The future is green, and the engineering sector is leading the charge. This transformation is impacting industries such as healthcare, education, and government policy-making, underlining the breadth and depth of the green transition.

To conclude, the growth in the demand for green jobs, particularly in the engineering sector, presents a pivotal opportunity for jobseekers today. The path towards a sustainable future is being paved right now, and those with an ambition to make a tangible difference to the world have a significant part to play.

If you feel the urge for a change in your working situation, or if you're motivated by the prospect of contributing to the UK's green transition, reach out to our team. Our professionals are dedicated to guiding you towards your next career move in this exciting, meaningful, and ever-evolving sector.

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