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Eva Clarke Women In Property
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Women in Property: An interview with Eva and Chloe Bailey

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 2 years ago

This week we are launching a series of interviews conducted by our Property Specialist Recruiter, Eva Clarke.

 In this series, entitled “Women in Property” Eva will be speaking with women across the property sector and based within Cambridgeshire to discuss topics such as how they found themselves in property, their daily motivations and challenges they may face.

 Our first interview sees Eva meet with Chloe Bailey an experienced Property Manager at Homes for Students in Cambridge. Chloe manages HMO’s (Houses in Multiple Occupation) and this interview gives an insight into Chloe’s day to day.

 We hope you enjoy this interview with Eva and Chloe as we give you an insight into the world of property and importantly as we speak to women in the heart of the sector.


E: What encouraged you to get into property?

 C:“As a child I was fascinated by property, I knew from a very young age that I wanted a career within property.  I enjoy the fast-paced environment but also working with likeminded people who are as passionate about property and people as me. I applied for my first property role at the age of 18 and ran with it! I fell into property management and have never looked back. Property Management gives me the satisfaction of turning situations around and making clients happy in their dream homes whilst also keeping me up to date with the constant changing property world.”

 E: What are your daily motivations?

C: “My daily motivations are varied, these start from seeing people in their homes being able to enjoy them, stress free and for us to take on the issues needed. I absolutely love being busy and have the tendency to get bored if I am not in quick moving role or seeing out a challenge, therefore property management works so well for me as each day is different and you do not have 5 minutes to be bored! Another motivation for me is, my team, I have great Team I manage, who are a joy to work alongside and have the same positive mindset when challenging issues arise, this makes the workplace a pleasant environment! Lastly, my future, I plan to retire on a boat with a glass of champagne most days… that means I must work hard until that day comes.”

 E: What are your biggest challenges?

 C:“I am one to take on large challenges, which at times, can be VERY stressful. I am a perfectionist and a self-confessed control freak, throughout my career, I have learnt that not everything works out the way you planned or can be perfect, but through experience and time, you learn that sometimes, the outcome may work even better than first planned, also to have faith in your team - I have earnt to distribute work evenly, but that was one of my struggles early on my career. Another is delivering some news to clients you are aware they will be disappointed by, I used to take this as a personal defeat, I learnt along the way, honesty is the best policy and clients are always grateful and understanding that in property, timelines sometimes have issues arise which mean deadlines cannot be made due to outside issues for example; contractor availability, lead times, solicitor issues.”

E: What is the strangest thing you have seen in a property?

C:“A previous tenant of mine was aware there was a no pet policy, I attended to inspect (they were aware of this visit) only to find a hissing Sphynx cat waiting for me. All those who know me, will be able to imagine how quickly I jumped, ran (whilst being chased!) to leave and shut the door. All whilst the tenant was behind me laughing along with her children, I was so embarrassed but glad I could brighten their day as I knew I would need to deliver the sad news that the cat had to go, not just for my sake, but the landlords”


If you are looking for a role in property, would like to be featured in our next interview or are looking to grow your property team get in touch with Eva at

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