Interview Co-ordination can be a logistical nightmare. At Select we have specialist recruitment technology that allows us to manage all interviews in one place. IT makes organising everyone's diaries and ensuring that everyone has all the information they need to make it worthwhile for all parties so much easier. Plus, you don't have to worry about a thing.

If you are conducting online or phone interviews we still take on all the organisation and we can even provide a bespoke video interview platform where you can conduct interviews or have candidates conduct solo interviews to a set of questions.

When it comes to interviews, we don't just organise, we do so much more. Scroll for more information:

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Interview Prep

​Interviews are nerve-wracking experiences for candidates and no one wants to host a candidate who isn't clued up on their business or the role, so we take extra time to ensure the candidates are as prepared as possible for the interview. Other than setting a time and date when you are free and prepping your questions, you don't need to lift a finger until they get there.

Interview Debrief

​Honest feedback is the only way that our candidates can work on their interview techniques, so we always like to provide them with pointers directly from the interviewer. However, we understand that these conversations can be a little awkward, so we get feedback from yourselves and proactively work with the candidates to improve their interview performance, so every interview becomes a positive experience.

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Offer Negotiation

​Truth is the single biggest factor in offer negotiation. Knowing what conditions either party would honestly accept and be happy with is the foundations upon which a strong employer/employee relationship can be built. Therefore, having us as your go-between allows both parties to be as honest as possible and after 40 years of experience negotiating, we are experts in brokering deals that make everyone happy.

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Do you like the idea of having all your interviews being organised for you from date set up to offer negotiation? If so, get in touch.