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Recruiting for Senior Marketing Positions in Today's Economic Climate

  • Publish Date: Posted about 1 year ago

The current market landscape is presenting unique challenges for businesses, notably the surge in inflation over the last year. Despite the financial hurdles, exciting research from recruitment agency Aspire points to a promising trend - companies are increasing marketing salaries ahead of inflation. This shift in dynamic reflects the increasing value placed on marketing roles such as Marketing Director, Marketing Manager, and Marketing Executive.

Investing in Marketing Talent

In today's competitive business environment, it's clear that marketing has never been more crucial. The ability to effectively reach and engage audiences is a priceless asset. As such, the roles of the Marketing Manager and Marketing Director have taken centre stage. According to Aspire's data, Senior Marketing Managers saw salary increases almost 50% higher than the rate of inflation between April 2022 and April 2023. Likewise, Marketing Directors saw an 11.1% increase, again outpacing inflation.

The demand for seasoned professionals in these positions underscores the vital importance of marketing planning and marketing research to business success. Consequently, organisations are showing a willingness to invest more in experienced marketers equipped with the requisite skills.

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Navigating the Changing Recruitment Landscape

In contrast to the surging salaries at the top end of the scale, Junior Marketing Managers have seen significant growth, albeit not keeping pace with inflation. This discrepancy perhaps reflects the shortage of suitable candidates reported by recruiters, a challenge that has been exacerbated since the pandemic.

Indeed, the scarcity of skilled professionals has made recruiting for senior positions a top priority for many marketing agencies. It's a reflection of the pressing need for marketing automation, marketing analytics, and marketing communications skills in today's digital-driven business environment.

Senior positions in content have also seen significant salary increases. Roles like Senior Copywriters saw salaries rise by one fifth in 2023, showcasing the demand for content generation skills.

A Paradigm Shift in the Job Market

In a marked departure from previous years, the job market has transitioned from being employer-led to an employee's market. There are more positions available than there are professionals to fill them. This scenario provides an exciting opportunity for seasoned marketers seeking career progression.

Marketing executives and marketing consultants can leverage their skills and experience to secure roles with competitive compensation packages. This surge in demand and willingness to offer higher wages, particularly for senior positions, signifies the recognised value of marketing in today's economy.

The landscape of recruiting for senior marketing roles is evolving, and our dedicated team at Select is here to help you navigate it. If you're a professional seeking a change in your working situation, do reach out to us. We're here to help you seize the opportunity and accelerate your marketing career in this dynamic and rewarding sector.

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