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Why Branding Matters More Than Ever to Today's Jobseekers: The Camelot Example

  • Publish Date: Posted about 1 year ago

If you've ever doubted the power of a strong brand, the Camelot National Lottery's sales story could make you think again. The operator recently reported its second highest annual sales ever, with value sales reaching a staggering £8.19bn for the 12 months to 31 March. These figures, an increase of £99.6m on the previous financial year, highlight just how vital branding is in today's competitive market.

Branding's Role in Driving Sales and Participation

Camelot's 'Moment that Matter' marketing platform has played a pivotal role in driving these impressive sales figures. By investing heavily in marketing communications (marcomms) that tap into moments of national significance, Camelot has managed to drive "relevance, positivity and participation". It's clear to see that a focus on long-term brand building has truly saved The National Lottery.

Key promotional activities such as the 'Big Jubilee Street Party' and the 'Big Night of Musicals' have been instrumental in placing the brand at the centre of public life. By emphasising its purpose and role through offline and online advertising on social media, TV and radio, the National Lottery has found a way to revitalise its brand and reverse a sales decline experienced in the late 2010s.

The Power of Engagement, Trust, and Reputation

Camelot's success story underscores the importance of trust, engagement, and reputation in establishing a strong brand. The National Lottery's focus on fostering customer experience and loyalty has resulted in a brand that's in its 'best-ever shape' amidst record results. With its marketing strategies being "18 times more effective" than before, Camelot has set a compelling example for brands everywhere.

However, jobseekers in today's market aren't just interested in sales figures. They're also looking for brands with a strong reputation and a clear, positive role in society. Camelot's reinvestment in brand has delivered meaningful outcomes, winning the company the Long-Term Brand Building Excellence award at the Marketing Week Masters Awards in 2021.

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How Branding Impacts Jobseekers

Now, more than ever, jobseekers want to be part of a brand that they can trust and be proud of. Camelot's story demonstrates how a company's branding can attract the best talent. A brand that's built on a foundation of trust, that delivers a superb customer experience, and that plays a positive role in the wider world is likely to appeal to jobseekers across the spectrum.

In an era where transparency and authenticity are increasingly valued, jobseekers are attracted to brands that walk their talk. Companies like Camelot, that have a clear brand narrative and consistently deliver on their promises, are the ones that will attract and retain top talent.

What This Means for Your Career

If you're seeking a change in your working situation, it's crucial to align yourself with a brand that aligns with your values. If you're inspired by the Camelot National Lottery's commitment to branding, community engagement, and delivering a superior customer experience, we invite you to reach out to our team. Together, we can explore opportunities with organisations that value branding and understand its transformative power in today's market.

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