The Seven C’s of Recruitment

Seven c's of recruitment


There is so much more to recruitment than merely filling slots in a timesheet. Matching the right candidates and clients is a refined skill that can take many years to perfect. Likewise, finding a job and hiring the right person is an extremely difficult process, so we have outlined seven things to think of when you are either looking or hiring to make this a little bit easier.




Every recruitment agency has a database of available candidates, but the difference between a good and a bad recruitment business is the process of ensuring that every candidate you put forward for a role is right for it.

There is no point in the client stipulating that they need someone with specific skills and then waste their time interviewing someone who hasn’t got those skills. Reversely, you don’t want to go to an interview that puts you out of your depth or one that is not what you were looking for.

Whether you are hiring or applying, plan your requirements and make sure you are heard by your consultant.


Without Clients and Candidates, there is no recruitment industry. If you are looking for work, you should register with an agency that has lots of connections in the right industry. Similarly, if you are looking to hire you want to use a popular agency that has been tried and tested by other businesses like yours.


A good recruitment consultant is worth their weight in gold. In an industry with an awful lot of competition, locating a good consultant can be difficult. So, if you need results look for a recruitment company with experience (experienced recruitment companies will know what to look for in a consultant) and find a team with proven organisation skills, the tools to search for skilled candidates, and consultants who truly take the time to understand your goals.


As a conduit between candidates and clients, consultants need to be extremely organised and excellent communicators. After all, you don’t want to miss any appointments! Offering your consultant multiple ways of getting in contact with you will aid this process.


Hirers, you’ve got to be sure you know what you want from a potential employee and candidates, you need confidence that your consultant is putting you forward for roles you can ace and will match your end goal.

At interview, you will need to show any potential employer this confidence and make sure they know you are capable of performing the tasks required.


With over 35 years in the recruitment industry, Select recognise that this is of the utmost importance. You spend the majority of your life at work, you’ve got to love what you do, who you work with and the ethos of the company you work for.


Recruitment services need to be easily accessible and inclusive for everyone. With offices in high-street locations drop-ins are easy at Select Appointments, and with a large team of people with industry experience at the end of the phone, we ensure that you are not alone when hunting for work.

If you are hiring, our consultants are also willing to travel to your offices to listen to your requirements and our website is a great location to find an office located near to you.

Select has 16 offices around the UK, that are perfectly poised to take your job hunt to the next level, or offer the assistance you need to make your team complete. Contact us today to find out more.

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The Seven Cs of Recruitment


Interview Hints and Tips

FINALLY… Make sure you have confirmed your interest in the job. Conclude the interview with a handshake, remembering to thank the interviewer for their time. After the interview contact your Select consultant and let them know how the interview went.