Human Resources Jobs

Now more than ever there is a need for companies to attract and retain the best people to their team. With ever-changing legislation and best practice associated with employee welfare, talented Human Resources professionals are always sought after.

If you are a people person and are looking for a role in HR, take a look at the below types of roles that we recruit for.

Generalist HR

Want to work in a small organisation taking care of their employees? You will need to be a good all-rounder at HR duties as often, you will be the only one in the HR team. This means that you will be the central point of contact for all things HR; grievances and disciplinaries; diversity and inclusion; employee engagement; learning and development; recruitment.

Learning & Development

For example: Training/development/learning officer

Learning and development officers are responsible for identifying staff training needs and skills gaps that could be solved through training. It can sometimes fall to this department to actually undertake the training courses where appropriate, instead of outsourcing the education of team members.

Organisational Development

Organisational development is a discipline closely intertwined with Learning and development. It is the responsibility of organisational development to ascertain how the company or organisation will grow in line with its employee base. In so doing, discovering what training and development is required to support the business.

Organisational development is always looking to the future and planning in advance the evolution of employees, teams, departments and the business as a whole. A big part of this is succession and contingency planning.

Compensation & Reward

Love making people happy? Enjoy rewarding your colleagues? This role is all about managing employee perks. Pay, bonuses and benefits are a major draw when recruiting new employees, as well as retaining existing staff members.

Plus, you get to feel good about securing a great deal for your colleagues.

Recruitment & Resourcing

Inhouse recruiters can be very important, especially in very niche industries where you need specific knowledge to recruit the right calibre of candidate. Recruitment can be a long and labour-intensive process, that is where outsourcing to a business partner that functions as an extension of your business can be really beneficial.

If you don’t believe us, get in touch and we will prove to you how Select can save you precious time and resources by taking it off your hands.

Employee Relations

Great communication, empathy and organisational skills are key in employee relations. These roles are usually found in larger organisations and the main responsibility is managing the relationship between the company and the staff.

HR Analysis

HR Analysis feeds directly into organisational development, as the implementation of auditable HR systems and processes can help to predict employee trends. These trends then influence the future planning for employee management and team structure.

Both looking for a new job and hiring a new person is a stressful process. Candidate or client, at Select, we aim to make your experience with us as painless as possible. Get in touch with your local team today to ensure you are working with the best recruiters around.