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When you think of St Albans, you probably envisage a historic market town steeped in 2000 years of well-documented history with a very impressive Cathedral. Perhaps you even know that in Roman times, St Albans was the second largest city after London… but have you ever thought about the thriving world of business in and around St Albans now?

Caroline Deutsch, Director of Select Appointments St Albans, told us all about the world of recruitment in Hertfordshire and spilled the beans about what being a recruiter is really like.

St Albans, Hertfordshire recruitment

My career spans 25 plus years in recruitment, marketing and client services as well as sales and commercial roles.  I worked in recruitment locally many years ago and loved the fast pace, the ability to help people find a new career and to work with successful businesses. Fed up with the London commute I decided it was high time I did something for myself and owning a franchise was the perfect solution.

I have been running Select Appointments St Albans since October 2014. Our values are simple – Quality, service and value for clients and candidates alike. We focus on commercial roles, both temporary and permanent from entry level to senior executive level. Specific commercial sectors include secretarial, administration, finance, marketing, design, customer service, sales, legal and HR.

We’re a team of four – all working hard with energy and enthusiasm to find people for jobs and jobs for people!

Why did you decide to set up a recruitment business in St Albans?

I grew up in St Albans and having worked and lived in London for a greater part of my career, it has been refreshing to come back to work in a professional and welcoming culture.

It’s a vibrant city in a wonderful county. It has a thriving Chamber of Commerce, a strong SME base and lots of opportunities to get involved in the local business community.

The county of Hertfordshire is perfectly placed for business – full of entrepreneurial businesses across a wide range of sectors. This includes print, publishing and media; creative agencies; building and construction; telecoms and IT; engineering and manufacturing.

St Albans is known as the “City of Expertise” with a strong presence in the professional services – accountancy practices, law firms and insurance. The thriving business community provides options to people who are fed up with the commute into London. The business population in Hertfordshire is expanding and the economy is growing faster than the national average. All great news for us in recruitment as companies experiencing growth always need more resources.

What are the major challenges facing clients in the current marketplace?

The real challenge facing businesses across the UK is to find and retain quality people. This is being addressed by providing employees greater mobility and flexibility, which is being facilitated by changes in technology. Just as importantly, and something I hear frequently, is about culture fit and attitude; when employer and employee share the same ethos, that really helps motivate and retain staff.

Clients need to be constantly in “hire mode” or they will miss out on great quality candidates.

If you could offer one piece of advice to your candidates, what would it be?

Trust your recruiter and be honest with them.

What is your proudest moment in the recruitment industry?

I won Best Franchisee in the Best Businesswomen Awards which was a proud moment. It is a fantastic recognition of all the hard work the team and I have put in! Also, just being successful five years in, within a highly competitive industry, is something I remind myself of frequently too!

Anything else you would like to add?

Working in recruitment can be a bit like a roller coaster ride with massive highs and lows, but you just need to believe in what you do and do it well. Be consistent, listen to your clients and candidates and deliver on what you promise. It is great fun, totally rewarding and no two days are the same!

Whether you are a candidate or a client starting your recruitment journey in Hertfordshire, get in touch with the team at Select Appointments St Albans. They have a wealth of experience to share with you and provide the best standard of recruitment advice and service.

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FINALLY… Make sure you have confirmed your interest in the job. Conclude the interview with a handshake, remembering to thank the interviewer for their time. After the interview contact your Select consultant and let them know how the interview went.