Online Registration Stage 2

Following your recent conversation with one of our consultants, please now complete the below form and attached the appropriate documents. This will ensure you are fully registered with us for your future temporary work or your upcoming assignment.

Once you have completed the form and hit send, you will receive an email back with a copy of your documents and information for your records. In addition, there is also a link in that email which you then need to follow in order to send us a simple document verification video. Full details will be included in that email.

    Eligibility to work in the UK

    Please use the upload links below to upload a photo or scan of each document. There are some examples beside each upload, but for a full list of accepted documents, please click here.

    Form of Eligibility: either a passport, or a full A4 size birth certificate.

    Proof of National Insurance: either on the original job centre letter, or a P45/P60, or a previous payslip (not from Select)

    Proof of Address: a utility bill i.e. council tax bill or bank statement

    Declaration of Consent

    Criminal Convictions

    For further details on why we ask this question and what information we require, please click here (opens in a new tab).

    Do you have any unspent criminal convictions from any country?

    If your answer to the above question is Yes, please provide further details including date and nature of offence.

    Medical Questionnaire

    Do you have any illness/impairment/disability (physical or psychological) that might affect your work?

    Are you having, or waiting for treatment or investigations at present?

    Are you taking any medication?

    Do you require glasses or contact lenses for driving or any aspects of your job?

    If you have answered yes to any of the above medical questions, please provide us with further details.

    Do you have any medical condition or mobility issue that might prevent or limit your ability to undertake any of the duties you may be delegated in your job role?
    These include, but are not limited to, standing, sitting or walking for periods of time, lifting heavy objects, operating heavy machinery, packing goods, using a computer and working at height.

    Some of our job roles can affect the following conditions, please indicate from the list if you suffer from any of the below.
    Epileptic/Fainting fitsSkin problemsHeart problems/Abnormal blood pressureDiabetesMotion SicknessAsthma or other respiratory problemsHearing ImpairmentsNone of the above

    If you have any of the above conditions, please can you provide any additional details that will help us assess your suitability for this role.

    Do you require any assistance or particular arrangements for any interview/assessment/meeting which may take place prior to your assignment?

    If your answer to the above question is yes, please provide further details of the assistance you will need.

    Emergency Contact Information

    Please provide the contact details of at least 1 person we can contact in an emergency.

    Bank Details

    Account Name*

    Name of Bank*

    Sort Code*

    Account Number*

    New Starter Checklist

    Please upload your current P45

    If you do not have a current P45 please complete the HMRC starter checklist. Once completed, please screenshot and upload in place of your P45.

    Terms of Engagement (Contract for Services)

    Please note that once you have clicked submit, you will receive a link to our document verification video interview page. This will take less a minute to complete and full instructions will be provided.