Senior Web Developer

My client are a growing marketing services company in the City centre and are now seeking a senior web developer to join the team.
What they offer is quite different to the agency life you’re probably used to. For one the software they design and build is mostly for themselves; they don’t answer to the demands of a Client Services team or an army of customers who each want small text changes by 10:00 on a Monday morning. They don’t ship on Fridays. Their success is measured not through pay-to-enter awards and positive google reviews, but infallible analytics and statistics.
Their developers find this a welcome change from the norm and it shows in the work they create. They are a company fuelled by ideas and their developers are it’s lifeblood, which is why they strive to give them the best possible environment to work in.

Who you are:
• You’re a full stack developer with a minimum of 3 years professional agency or product development team experience
• You have a deep seated passion for programming, clean code, and maintainability – it’s much more than a way to bring in the money for you
• You have an ability to take criticism and feedback, iterate and improve upon your ideas and creations. User experience is always at the forefront of your mind
• You have a raw web skillset, without a reliance on library/framework crutches (e.g jQuery, Bootstrap and WordPress)
• You have the ability to identify your own weaknesses, and defer to others experience when needed

A successful candidate will be able to demonstrate all of the below to a professional standard:
Front End
• Semantic HTML5
• CSS3 to an advanced level
• JavaScript using ES2015+ syntax and module pattern
• NPM/Yarn
• Gulp/Webpack
Back End
• PHP 7+, Object Oriented and MVC methodologies
• Laravel 5.3, or a similar modern MVC framework
• WordPress
• MySQL or MariaDB
• Composer
• Demonstrable knowledge and adherence of coding standards, e.g PSR-2, BEM, ESLint, Stylint
• Git and Git Flow
• Familiarity with MacOS

Salary is negotiable depending on experience – please specify your expectations upon application.
Contact me now with your CV! or call on 01603 615511

Job Summary

Job Title Senior Web Developer
Location Norwich
Job Type Permanent
Salary £40k
Last Updated 13/02/2018
Reference SL48356
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