Emma Jones

Business DirectorSpecialising in Construction

​Emma specialises in construction recruitment, bringing twenty years of unparalleled experience to the team here at Select. With her vast local network, Emma is committed to providing a personalised, expert service, ensuring your recruitment journey is rewarding and fulfilling.

To contact Emma call: 01603 976973 or 07867 319366

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Norwich£30000 per annum

Are you a whizz with numbers and have an eye for detail? Do you thrive in a fast-paced environment where you get to analyse, negotiate, and present complex data? If you answered yes, my client has ...

Civils Supervisor
Diss£235 - £240 per day

Are you passionate about civil engineering? Do you have a knack for overseeing projects in the water and power industry? If you're answering "yes," then this is the opportunity you've been waiting ...

CPCS Dumper / Groundworker
Norwich£18 - £20 per annum

Are you ready to embark on an exhilarating journey in the heart of groundworks? Do you hold a CPCS or NPORS certification? Can you see yourself manoeuvring a dumper with precision and skill, contri...

Bristol£24 - £25 per annum

Are you a talented Multi Trader with a knack for Carpentry and Painting? Do you thrive in dynamic environments and love the satisfaction of seeing a project come to life? If you answered "yes" to t...

CPCS 360
Bowthorpe£20 - £21 per hour

Are you a proficient 360 Driver with CPCS or NPORS certification under your belt? Do you relish the chance to operate heavy machinery and play a key role in shaping new residential landscapes? Do y...

360 Telehandler Slew
Banbury£25 per hour

Are you someone who loves to be at the heart of the action? Do you revel in the thrill of handling heavy machinery with finesse and precision? If your answer is a resounding "yes", then my client h...

Norfolk£20 - £21 per hour

Dream of taking your driving skills to new heights? Ever imagined yourself at the helm of cutting-edge machinery, contributing to innovative new builds? My client is searching for a dedicated indiv...

CSCS Carpenter
Norwich£20 - £22 per hour

Are you a master of carpentry, with expertise in second fix work? Do you derive satisfaction from seeing a project transition from a basic structure to a beautifully finished new build house? Do yo...

CSCS Carpenter
Norfolk£22 - £24 per hour

Are you a skilled Carpenter, adept at maintaining and enhancing learning environments? Do you take pride in ensuring that schools are safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing for the next gener...

Norwich£20 - £21 per hour

Are you a passionate and dedicated CSCS painter seeking new challenges? Do you find excitement in creating impressive spaces in new build housing? Do you strive to deliver work that embodies qualit...

Norwich£20 - £21 per hour

Are you an adept handyperson with a knack for carpentry and painting? Do you revel in the satisfaction of breathing life into new build houses with your craftsmanship? Do you appreciate the blend o...

360 Driver
Lowestoft£20 - £22 per hour

Are you eager to make your mark in the civil construction industry? Do you enjoy the thrill of navigating heavy machinery, in this case, a 360-degree excavator? Can you see yourself contributing to...

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