Calculate Your Take Home Pay

​Our quick and easy salary calculator will help you figure out your take home pay - exactly how much goes into your bank based on your hourly or monthly pay after Tax and National Insurance.

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Here are some key terms that you may find useful:

Income Tax

What is Income Tax? It is precisely what it sounds, it is the tax you pay on your income. Not all income is taxable, and there are lots of rules around how much you pay, but all your income tax is used to fund public services like the NHS, education, welfare, roads, rail and housing. You can find out more details about the rules around how much Income Tax you pay on the government website here.

National Insurance (NI)

What is National Insurance? If you are over 16 and an employee earning above £184.00 a week or self-employed and making a profit of £6,515+ a year, you will be paying NI. NI appears as a separate payment on your payslip, this is because - although it is still a tax - it goes into a separate government pot to income tax payments. National Insurance is earmarked for state benefits including, state pension, statutory sick pay, maternity leave or unemployed benefits. You can find out more about National Insurance on the government website, here.

Gross Income

What is Gross Income? Gross income is your total earnings - including all wages, salaries, profits and bonuses - before any taxes or deductions are made.

Net Income

What is Net Income?​ Net income is your earnings after all taxes and deductions are taken, so it is your take home pay. Your net income is what you will see appear in your bank account on pay day.

Please Note: This Salary Calculator is only to be used as an indicator of your take home pay, not a definitive run down. There are many variables that can affect your take home pay, for a conclusive break down please check your tax code and speak to the tax office.